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Updated: Oct 22, 2018

An effective packaging looks attractive, impresses with its creativity and is just nice to have on the shelf.

What elements make product packaging design great?

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The Experience

Like a child opening a gift on Christmas morning, a well-designed package can guide a person through an exciting journey, experiencing each aspect just as the designer planned, taking care not to tear, wrinkle, or misplace any element. While this level of detail may seem like a bit of an extreme the effect is total control of the experience at each touch point. At no point does the consumer question whether the item was worth the price that was paid…no matter how high.

Perceived Value

Whether you know it or not, you automatically determine how much you’re willing to pay for an item before you look at the price…sometimes you’re disappointed and proclaim “they want how much for this?”, and other times you look around and say “wow, what a deal.” and hurry to purchase the product. Either way, you immediately assigned a value to the product and that value was determined, in large part, by it’s packaging. A well-designed package will establish the appropriate perception of value so that you feel good about the purchase even before you experience the product.

Sense of Individuality

A product’s packaging should evoke a person’s sense of self, appealing to their individuality, whether it’s Louis XV de Venoge Champaign, creating a sense of luxury and mature elegance, or Activate vitamin-infused beverages evoking a sense of health and consciousness, the package creates a feeling of belonging and appeals to the individuality of the consumer.

Greater Sense of Brand or Purpose

All successful companies have a brand statement or a greater purpose and each detail in a product’s packaging should provide a true connection to that greater purpose. For example, the bottle and packaging of Nyima fruit drink are designed to reflect the simple and delightful qualities of the drink and each detail re-enforces the brands promise to promote a healthy, organic lifestyle.

Insights Action and Emotion

Most importantly, a package design should inspire someone to buy the product. In addition, if designed exceptionally well, the packaging will also create a desired emotion within the consumer such as excitement, intrigue, desire, passion, or perhaps hunger that will keep that consumer coming back for more and more.

Texture, Color, Shape, Imagery. All of these elements help to define the perception and the value and experience of a product, and if marketed correctly will attract the desired consumer time and again.

Do you know of any great package designs?  If so, what do you think makes them great?

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